EcoPico LED Arm Light

The versatile EcoPico LED Arm Light is perfect for any enthusiast looking to add more light to their existing EcoPico or rimless aquarium. The elegant, but simple design of the EcoPico LED Arm Light allows it to easily slide on any rimless tank up to 6mm in thickness.

The LED Arm Light comes complete with a 12K White/453nm Blue LED light strip and transformer. It can be upgraded to hold two additional light strips to provide the right light spectrum for your tank. Additional light strips and accessories are also listed below.

  • Black Matte LED Arm with Screw Adapter for Glass Tanks up to 6mm
  • LED Strip with 2 x 12,000K White 1 x 453nm Actinic Blue LED lights
  • EcoPico LED 12 Volt Power Supply
  • Dimensions: 3"W x 10"D x 4.5"H


    $43.95 2 x12,000K White 1x 453nm
    $21.95 12000k Strip White
    $21.95 45nm Blue Strip
    $21.95 12k wht / 453 Blue Strip
    $15.95 Up to 3 LED Strips 12v Pwr Supply
    $8.95 3 Way Splitter
    $14.95 InLine LED Dimmer
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