Embrace Handfeeding Formulas


Hand-Feeding Formulas

Product Description

ZuPreem® Embrace®  Hand-Feeding Formula is a nutritionally complete diet developed specifically for the hand feeding of baby birds.

EMBRACE is formulated with moderate levels of fat and protein. Suitable for most species of Old World psittacines (hookbills)

and passerines (softbills), including cockatoos, cockatiels, parakeets and lovebirds during growth. In addition, Embrace is an

excellent diet to feed debilitated or anorexic birds, and orphaned wild birds.

E Unique, creamy consistency preferred by professional breeders

Stays mixed in solution and in the crop so babies safely consume and easily digest essential nutrients,

not just water. For maximum results, read the mixing instructions on the bag or bucket

E Energy-dense formula

Results in superior weight gain so birds move quickly to the weaning stage

E Fixed formula, balanced nutrition

No supplements required – consistent dependable nutrition

in every bag

E Naturally preserved

Contains no ethoxyquin

E Stringent quality control standards

State-of-the-art manufacturing procedures using fresh

wholesome ingredients

E Exclusive ZuPreem OptiNutrient System

Helps ensure stronger, healthier baby birds

E Probiotic Bacillus encourages beneficial

intestinal microorganisms

Lactobacillus aids in proper digestion and the absorption of

important nutrients

E Feeding instructions on every bag and bucket

Gives guidelines for correct feeding during the challenging

hand-feeding stage

Product Characteristics

Shelf-life: One year from date of manufacture.


$7.95 1.25lbs
$19.95 5lbs
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