Fission Recirculating Skimmer

Contained Chaos

  • Removes dissolved organics and waste products with extreme efficiency
  • Greatly benefits water quality
  • Increases oxygen levels and stabilizes pH
  • Reduces Nitrate, Phosphate and Nitrite levels

Performance Cubed

Powered by a patent pending paddle-mixing injection system, the Fission recirculating skimmer violently mixes air with water - creating a column of millions of tiny micro-bubbles.  These tiny micro-bubbles provide an enormous amount of surface area for the adsorption of organic compounds and wasted products.  The impellers unique paddle plates remain rigid in rotation, pushing more water and increasing contact time while still hacking those bubbles into a dense foam froth.  Paddle plate impellers create up to 3 times the amount of micro-bubbles and contact time compared to other needle-wheel type skimmers.

Functionality Squared

Two water tight pump unions make cleaning and maintenance easy and the recirculating pump can be used in or out of the water.  Designed for in-sump applications only, simply connect the skimmer inlet to a powerhead or existing plumbing line, adjust the water flow to the correct flow rate and skim-away.

System Singular

Fission recirculating skimmers are built for performance with unprecedented precision to detail.  Cell-cast acrylic body and clean molded connection parts make it a unit that will provide years of outstanding performance.  The collection cup is easy-to-remove and has a rubber grommet connection assembly that ensures a snug fit.  A fully adjustable flow valve completely allows you to control the water height within the skimmer body - maximizing foam collection.  The drain port in the collection cup makes it easy to collect the foam and drain it away from your system.  The micro-bubble trap and micron filter sock capture any errant bubbles.  To keep family members happy, the paddle mixing injection system includes an air silencer to keep things quiet and peaceful.

What's Included

Fission recirculating skimmers include a collection cup with drain port, UL listed recirculating pump (660 gph), paddle-wheel injection system with ceramic shaft and paddle impeller, air inlet silencer, molded micro-bubble reducing trap, micron filter sock (100 micron) and complete instructions. *NOTE: Recirculating skimmers require an additional pump or source of water flow for installation.


$346.07 225gal
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