Standard Tanks

Marineland’s rectangular aquariums are anything but standard. Beauty, style, and functionality are offered in a wide range of sizes for every application – from a 2 ½ gallon desktop aquarium to a spectacular 265 gallon aquatic wonder. Distortion-free glass provides a lifetime of beauty and durability. Silicone-sealed top frame prevents capillary action. Our rectangular tanks are ideal for both freshwater and saltwater applications, and may be used with hang-on tank filters or canister filters. Available in Black, Oak, and Rosewood finishes. (Glass canopy included in price)


$344.13 90 gallon (48x18x24) Oak
$344.13 90 gallon (48x18x24) blk
$432.58 125 gallon (72x18x22) Blk
$432.58 125 gallon (72x18x22) Oak
$591.95 150 gallon (72x18x27) Blk
$591.95 150 gallon (72x18x27) Oak
$315.65 120gal (60x18x26) XH Black
$379.95 120gal (48x24x24) Black
$182.89 75gal BLk 48x18x21
$192.89 75gal Oak 48x18x21
$726.9 180gal 72x24x24
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