Hydor Koralia 12V Controllable Pump

The Koralia Controllable 12V Powerhead is a low voltage, low power consumption controllable submersible pump that is ideal for water movement in marine aquariums. The Koralia 12V range is specifically designed for use connected to the Hydor Koralia Wavemaker system. IT CAN NOT BE USED WITHOUT THE Hydor Koralia Wavemaker.

  • Minimum Flow Rate 950 gph. Maximum Flow Rate 3250 gph.
  • Minimum Power Absorbed 5 Watts. Maximum Power Absorbed 19 Watts.
  • Unique Patented Magnet + Suction Cup Sup Support system that makes positioning the Koralia easy and safe anywhere in your aquarium
  • Adjustable Flow: Rotate the pump as you prefer thanks to the sphere shaped connection and direct the flow to better suit the aquarium needs
  • Gentle or Powerful Flow: Wide and gentle or width concentrator nozzle powerful and direct
  • Low Voltage Safety: All models have a super safe rubber cords with waterproof connectors that plug into the Wavemaker control system


$119.95 Magnum 3250 HY01036
$96.99 1550 HY01018
$37.95 UP to 260gph HY00594
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