Laguna Bio Booster

Laguna Bio Booster brings the purifying power of living microbes to the pond. In highly concentrated form, these strains efficiently remove ammonia and nitrite, liquefied toxins that can adversely effect the health of pond fish and plant life. Laguna Bio Booster reduces nitrate. When used as directed, Laguna Bio Booster maintains proper populations of necessary micro-organisms for peak water conditions. It is safe and effective for the entire pond habitat.

  • PT-891
  • 16 oz. Treats 2500 gallons.
  • Boosts the biological power of your biofilter
  • Reduces and controls toxic ammonia and nitrite
  • Matures filters and filter media
  • Long lasting benefits
  • Beneficial to the entire pond environment
  • Instantly activated


$18.98 16 oz HG20891
$49.95 67.5 oz HG20893
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