Laguna Plant Grow

Laguna Plant Grow replenishes the vital elements necessary to achieve thriving aquatic plant growth. Unlike other plant fertilizers, Plant Grow's special formulation contains neither phosphates nor nitrates. Each element in this balanced formula can be readily absorbed for rapid uptake by plant roots and leaf structures. Plant Grow encourages a full root system and broad leaf structure, promotes full and vibrant colors, and intensifies enzymatic reactions throughout the plant. Plants use a large quantity of minerals and other vital elements as they grow and flourish. In the captive environment of a pond, these elements can be rapidly depleted by flora. When added to pond water weekly, Plant Grow provides essential elements required for healthy and vibrant aquatic plants.

  • PT-866
  • 16 oz. Treats 2,500 gallons
  • Chelated micro nutrient
  • Promotes plant growth
  • Helps keep plants strong and vigorous
  • Great for floating plants
  • Safe for fish


$13.95 16 oz HG20866
$24.95 67.5 oz HG20868
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