Laguna PowerFlo Filter Falls 5000

Laguna PowerFlo Filter Falls is a high performance waterfall filter that provides the ultimate water management solution for large ponds up to 5000 US gallons (18,925 L).

The filter is designed to make your water gardening experience simple and enjoyable. Tangible benefits include clear and healthy pond water, low maintenance, and a pleasant water garden environment.

The unit features three large-capacity filter chambers that can accommodate special filter pads as well as biological and chemical media. All chambers include a handle for easy removal and cleaning. As water flows through the media chambers, it is thoroughly cleansed and filtered. The result is clean and healthy pond water for fish and plants to thrive in.

PowerFlo Filter Falls includes a 19-inch wide spillway that creates an attractive waterfall. Threaded bulkheads on the spillway allow you to divert water to small waterfalls, streams or other filters.

Other features include a water-oxygenating spray bar, a venturi valve for mixing air and water, a winterizing and water drain, and heavy-duty construction with reinforced lid.

Three filter brushes, one mechanical filter pad, and
Laguna Biospheres biological filter media are also included.

The filter can be connected to Laguna's PowerFlo Skimmer Filter 5000 for extra filtering capacity for ponds up to 10,000 gallons.
  • 3 large media chambers
  • Handles on all chambers for easy removal and cleaning
  • A wide 19-inch spillway creates a captivating waterfall
  • Threaded bulkheads on the spillway allows water to be diverted to small waterfalls, streams or other filters
  • Water-oxygenating spray bar
  • Venturi valve for mixing air and water
  • A winterizing and water drain
  • Heavy-duty construction with reinforced lid
  • For large ponds up to 5,000 gallons


$579.95 PT1744
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