Landscaping Kit

Just as a fine garden requires various implements, an aquarium also needs suitable devices to achieve and optimize its appearance. Aquarium Landscapes has developed this 3 piece set of tools bearing in mind the needs of the hobbyist, and we utilize these same items in the set-up and maintenance of our own planted aquariums.

Our tool kit consists of 3 quality items: a pair of scissors with turned up ends for trimming the plants, tweezers for planting roots in substrate, and a spatula to rake the gravel, and keep it smooth.

All the items are composed of surgical quality stainless steel, are 11 inches long, and come in a beautiful case with a zip fastener. This tool set is among our top selling items, and has been exported all over the world. This is a great gift for all aquarium enthusiasts. Any serious aquatic landscaper will find it invaluable.

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$38.95 3 piece kit 3-64069-50101-5
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