Low Iron Softbill

Low-Iron Softbill Diet

***Discontinued See Natural*** 

Product Description

ZuPreem® Low-Iron Softbill Diet is formulated specifi cally for iron-sensitive, adult, non-reproducing

toucans, mynahs, toucanets, aracaris, and other iron-sensitive softbills. These species are often

predisposed to iron-storage disease, which is likely the leading cause of death in these species. This

diet is scientifi cally developed to provide
guaranteed low levels of iron, as well as balanced levels oguaranteed low levels of iron, as well as balanced levels of

other important nutrients necessary to maintain good health.

Ñ Lowest guaranteed iron levels (not greater than 80 ppm) in the industry

Expert nutritionists at ZuPreem guarantee the iron levels of this diet are not greater than 80 ppm

Ñ ZuPreem extruded nuggets provide consistent nutrient levels derived from wholesome,

high-quality ingredients

High digestibility and optimum nutrient absorption means birds get consistent nutrition in every bite

Ñ Enticing tropical fruit fl avor and aroma

A great taste that provides an enjoyable eating experience

Ñ Contains natural source of dietary pigment found in blossoms, pollens, fruits, seeds and leaves

Vibrantly and naturally enhances the colors of birds’ plumage

Ñ Proper protein and fat levels in every round nugget

Formulated specially to meet the nutritional needs of iron-sensitive species

Ñ Fortifi ed with proper levels of important vitamins and minerals

Additional nutritional supplements are not required and could be harmful

Ñ Naturally preserved

Preserved with Vitamin E and other natural preservatives

Ñ Backed by more than 40 years of developing premium diets

for exotic animals

Highly recommended by leading veterinarians and aviculturalists

Product Characteristics

ZuPreem Low-Iron Softbill Diet contains round, naturally tan colored,

extruded nuggets with a tropical fruit fl avor and aroma.

Important Note – This diet is not intended to be the sole diet for speciesthat are not iron sensitive. Feeding this product long-term to species not

predisposed to iron storage disease could result in iron defi ciency.

Shelf-life: One year from date of manufacture.


$10.95 $0.00 2.5lbs Softbill
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