Lunar Aqualight Deluxe Series - Double Linear Strip

Ideal for Saltwater, Reef and Freshwater, Aquariums

Deluxe Series - Double Linear Strip is a streamlined fixture designed to enhance and complement aquariums. Its compact and low-profile style is suitable where space is limited. The combination of a True Actinic 03 Blue lamp and a 10,000K Daylight lamp enhance both color and clarity in your tank. The lunar blue-moon-glow LED 470 nm creates rythmic glitter and shimmering effects that promote lunar spawning cycles in corals and reef life. These full-spectrum lamps provide the tank's inhabitants with the proper light required for essential biochemical reactions.

Includes 10,000K Super Daylight, True Actinic 03 Blue compact fluorescent and Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED lamps
Three on and off switches with separate power cords and built-in electronic ballast
Sleek designer black aluminum housing with a highly-polished reflector
Built-in cooling fans and acrylic lens cover


$254.29 24 inch 53402
$332.79 36 inch 53404
$382.89 48 inch 53406
$499.89 72 inch 53409
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