NO-ICH by Fish-Vet

Safe and effective treatment for ich in both fish, plant and reef aquariums.

NO-ICH is the original, and still the best selling copper-free reef safe water treatment for Cryptocaryon irritans (marine "white spot") and Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (freshwater ich). We developed the original formula over 10 years ago and have continually refined it through the research of aquatic biologists around the world. Don’t be fooled by imitations; for successful Ich treatment, insist on the original.

NO-ICH solves a major problem for Marine Fish Hobbyists, by enabling them to eradicate safely the marine parasite known as “white spot”, or Cryptocaryon irritants, in FISH ONLY and / or REEF TANKS with equal results. No-Ich also successfully treats the freshwater parasite with no harm to fish (including scaleless species), plants, or invertebrates.

Until now Copper or dye based treatments have been the only known remedies, but all of these suffer from major disadvantages from a Hobbyist’s point of view. 

Primarily, the ones that work can be used in a Fish only situation. This means that the Reef tank owners have to catch all their fish and treat them in a separate aquarium. This approach is often unacceptable. 

Secondly, the so called safe Coppers, as most experienced hobbyists will confirm, do not work, and if Copper treatments that are effective are used, one must be exceedingly careful in the dosage. Too much can fatally damage the sensitive gill membranes of the fish, while too little will enable the parasite to thrive & continue its ravishing damage.

NO-ICH by Fish-Vet has solved these problems with a treatment that:

  • Treats the water and eliminates parasites such as the “white spot” protozoan, as well as parasitic copepods, while not affecting any of your beautiful Corals, Anemones, Plants or other Invertebrates.
  • Biodegrades after some 4-5 days, leaving no harmful residue.
  • Does not harm Fish, Invertebrates, or nitrifying bacteria
  • No test kit is necessary during treatment.


$23.89 16oz 50gal
$29.79 32oz 100gal
$38.95 2 liter 200gal
$198.65 5gal 2000gal
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