O.S.I. Freshwater Flakes

Freshwater tanks tend to have a wide variety of fish species living together. A broad spetrum of vitamins and nutrients is necessary to meet the needs of every fish in the tank. O.S.I Freshwater Flakes were developed as a basic diet with a balance of plant and animal proteins to meet the needs of a diverse community of tropical fishes.

Crude Protein, min. 47%
Crude Fat, min. 5%
  • Natural Attractants
  • Color-Enhancing Pigments
  • Spirulina Enriched
  • Vitamins including Stabilized Vitamin C
  • Contains Garlic


$5.19 2.24oz 0021
$10.95 7.06oz 0071
$39.95 2.2 lb 0031
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