Pajama Cardinal

Pajama Cardinals are a moderately hardy fish which reach a size of 2-5 inches. Pajama cardinals are mouth brooders, and the male will carry the fertilized eggs until they hatch, and then continues to carry the fry until they can live on their own. Breeding these fish in captivity is nearly the same as breeding banggaii cardinals. Both require a clean and stress free environment. Much like Banggaii cardinals, Pajama cardinals get along with their own kind, and with other peaceful tank mates. Multiple males should not be kept together however.They are a little bit more shy than banggaii cardinals too.
Livebearers, shrimp and other fresh and frozen meaty foods are the best choice for these fish, and good starter foods to train them onto frozen foods. They will rarely accept flake or other dry processed foods, which should be avoided because they will not provide proper nutrition. If your new fish is not accepting the foods you have, you can usually get them eating with Mysis shrimp - a fatty crustacean. After they are eating this, introduce other foods into their diet. Avoid feeding the mysis for long periods of time as it has poor nutritional value.


$14.99 2-3"
$44.95 3 Lot Md
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