Picasso Trigger

Commonly called Humu-Humu, Aculeate, Lagoon, Pig-Nosed, and Blackbar Triggerfish. Rhinecanthus aculeatus is the true Picasso Triggerfish, not to be mistaken for the Rhinecanthus regtangulus species which is "tagged" with this same common name. The Picasso Trigger is a magnificent and very popular aquarium species that is easily recognized by its creamy grayish-tan and white colored body splashed with many distinctive bright blue and yellow fine-line, and golden, black and white wide-band type markings. To help to reduce aggression towards other tankmates, provide ample room and shelter to allow this fish to establish an adequate sized territory of its own. The Picasso is not recommended for the reef tank. This fish eats a wide variety of crustaceans and other invertebrates, with the exception of stinging anemones such as the Stichodactyla or Carpet species for example.  The Picasso species behaves in the typical aggressive Triggerfish manor. However, it may be housed with members of the same genus, if they are all added at the same time and ample space and housing is provided. Same species juveniles can be kept together, but as they mature fights are likely to occur between them. The Picasso Trigger is best kept in an aquarium with other similarly aggressive species of the same size or larger, as it may opportunistically eat smaller fish.


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