Pondmaster Pond Filter and Pump

  • For ponds up to 300 gallons or 700 gallons with a light bio loads (0-3 fish)
  • Provides effective mechanical and chemical filtration for the large loads of ponds
  • Comes with a coarse filter material for mechanical filtration (trapping debris), and a carbon layer for further filtering. Activated carbon helps eliminate unwanted colors and odors. Filter media is easily rinsed or changed.
  • Replacement filter materials available
  • Easily removable handle top give easy access for filter pad cleaning
  • Includes a mechanical and a chemical filter pad
  • Includes mag-drive pump, and vinyl hosing, adjustable fountain head, and Aquabelle fountain
  • 18 foot power cord


$105.95 1250 with 250 gph DF02212
$131.95 1700 with 700 gph DF02217
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