Puppy Booster

Created specifically for the needs of younger dogs to help insure healthy growth, Puppy Booster is a probiotic powder that aids in a nutritional boost for puppies and adult dogs. Puppy Booster is a source of live (viable) naturally occurring micro-organisms in a highly palatable water soluble formula.  Acidophilus is the ingredient that is a probiotic which is good for the following:
  • To ensures a healthy digestive system and help improve the dogs immune system.
  • It is helpful in diarrhea treatment and its prevention.
  • Yeast infections and urinary tract infections are completely cured by using probiotic supplements.
  • The supplement helps to eliminates problems of foul gas and smelly stools.
  • Intestinal putrefaction may result in constant bad breath which can be effectively reduced by Acidophilus.
  • Helps with shedding and indiscriminate scratching caused by the stress, related to the improper functioning of the digestive system.
  • Antibiotics, antifungals and wormers can have some negative side effects which can be counteracted with these supplements.


Puppies and Kittens:

Mix 1 tablespoon with 1 gallon of water.

Water Solution should be consumed within 24 hours.


$32.95 5oz
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