RGB PAR38 Light Bulb

Big on color

RGB PAR38 Light

A brilliant way to enhance the colors while producing stunning shimmer, this PAR38 lamp combines red, green and blue (RGB) colors into a single powerful spotlight. The included wireless remote control allows you to instantly change the color, intensity and brightness, turn lights on or off, or set your light on fade mode to slowly rotate through the entire color spectrum. Whether you want to add a little green to your kelp tank, provide full spectrum to plants, or gently fade through all the color spectrums over your jellyfish exhibit, the RGB PAR38 lamp has it all!

The screw-in light bulb features 16 preset colors to choose from, brightness adjustment, 4 dynamic modes (flash, strobe, fade and smooth fade,) and speed control of the effect. The infrared remote control features autosave memory (to remember the last setting when you turn the bulb off) and six memory buttons to store your custom colors. The handheld remote control works from up to 30 feet away and can be used to control multiple lamps.
Simple to install, each PAR38 lamp features 12 high power LEDs with 15 degree focusing lenses, allowing light to penetrate deeper in depth and delivering light in an extremely energy efficient way. Light bulbs are designed to fit into standard E26/E27 screw in sockets.


$89.95 Par 38
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