Super Skimmer

Super Skimmer - Needle-Wheel System

Ideal for Reef and Saltwater Aquariums

The Super Skimmer is a high-performance foam fractionator designed with a patented needle-wheel impeller, combined with an aspirating venturi. This mixture allows the needle wheel to divide the fine bubbles into a dense froth which is injected into the reaction chamber. The deposited air bubbles and water mix together in a spiraling vortex inside the reaction chamber to increase both contact time and dfficiency. As the bubbles rise, their surface areas attract and collect fine proteins and organic compounds before they break down in the water and are then deposited into the collection cup. The efficient removal of highly-concentrated waste products results in a better environment for the aquarium.


$112.29 Up to 65gal
$187.19 Up to 125gal
$216.95 Up to 220gal
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