Cuttlefish Eggs

Sepia bandensis. The eggs are black  and are approximately ¾” in diameter. Newborns are ¼” in size and have reached 4.5” in captivity. Like most cephalopods, their lifespan is short -- averaging a little over a year in a well-kept aquarium. Keeping a cuttlefish should be considered by diligent and advanced aquarists. Although the requirements may not be exactly the same, similar equipment, water quality and husbandry is reflected in reef keeping. So if you are successful in reef keeping, you should do well with cuttlefish. A 55gal tank is the recommended minimum size aquarium for keeping this cephalopod. A temperature of 72-80 degrees and a salinity of 1.026 specific gravity, pH 8.1 to 8.4, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrates as close to 0 as possible. Shallow sand beds are advised for they will enjoy digging or burying themselves from time to time.

Cuttlefish are very adept hunters and can take down prey three-to-four times their size. This makes tank mates very limited. It is not recommend to keep fish with your Bandensis. Fish, especially thin and slender ones like wrasses are instant meals while larger fish may co-exist for a while, but can easily be made into a meal down the road. Other animals to avoid are shrimp and crabs (except hermits), for they are favorite delicacies of the cuttlefish. Clean up crews can consist of snails, hermits, serpent stars and bristle worms.

When raising cuttlefish from an egg the best food of choice for cuttlefish this young is live mysids . A new born hatchling is a quarter of an inch long and will only take live foods. A newborn may not eat for up to two weeks depending on how much of a yolk sac it has left. at about one month you will want to start training them to eat frozen. Marine/Feeder shrimp and krill are next on the menu at 2-3 months. At around three months, your cuttlefish should be about 1.5 inches or larger and are ready for larger food. Alternative foods can include small crabs (with their pinchers removed if they are large), and small saltwater feeder fish. Do not feed with fresh water feeders such as goldfish for they are often treated with copper-based medicines and will poison your cuttlefish! Freshwater shrimp, such as ghost shrimp, can be used and have been found to be similar in nutritional value as marine shrimp, but should not be used as a primary source of food.

(We recommend choosing the overnight shipping option and keeping Bandensis in groups. Solo inhabitants tend to be inactive and boring! Bandensis are social animals, constantly interacting with each other. * Cuttlefish and cuttlefish eggs are not available for the ("live arrival guarantee".) We do ship slightly more than what you actually order.


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